Great results need great data.

We believe that data drives results and we’ve been proven right on a number of occasions. When you approach us the first question we will ask you will be about what results you have. Don’t be put off if you haven’t got any data, if could be as simple as calling your waste manager and asking for the information. We offer a number of data led services and have the staff, skills and materials to collect any waste data from around the world.

Compositional waste auditing

  • Collecting waste from any locations (households, business, HWRC’s, landfills) and auditing to find out exactly what is in them. Our dedicated team of waste sorters can ensure that we find out the composition of your waste. These interventions can have immediate cost saving implications.

Stock Auditing

  • With regards to retail we will examine your products on the shelves looking at materials and packaging, highlighting savings and alternatives finding those easy wins and giving you information about the environmental impact of the products you sell.

Participation monitoring and surveying

  • Finding out who’s recycling what, talking to people about your service and finding out how they feel and the reasons behind it. Understand this can power interventions and develop long term insights into who your service users reacting

Waste collection optimization

  • Examining vehicle tracking devices, benchmarking and ensuring optimization can improve recycling efficiencies and reduce costs.

Big data

  • Often organizations have a large amount of waste data generated on a daily basis that they just don’t know what to do with. We can help develop data analysis systems as well as delving into the data to find the information that’s important to you.

MRF / MBT / PRF / Transfer station / Resource efficiency

  • The ability to collect and use data from various processes’s, measuring materials in and out, taking samples from across systems, looking at composition and weights can allow you to bench mark and ensure maximum processing capacity can be reached


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